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Choosing a Makeup Artist for your Wedding

Your Engaged! Congratulations! This is such an exciting time in any girls life. Now the planning fun begins. Your wedding day is one of the largest events in your lifetime and you want it to be perfect. There are so many vendors out there how do you choose. It can be very overwhelming, so I thought I could give you a few tips on how to choose your perfect Makeup Artist. Because, your Makeup Artist is just as important as your dress or your venue. They are the person that ensures you look flawless and beautiful on your special day.

Start Early and Check Reviews

It might seem like something you can do towards the end of your planning, but its important to start researching early. Look into the makeup artists in your area, follow their social media pages. Instagram and Facebook are your avenue to stalk their style and a great way to stay up to date with their work. You also need to keep in mind, its not just about their work, its important to also find a makeup artist whose personality suits your style as well. They will be there with you on your big day. You want someone that makes you feel comfortable and seamlessly becomes a part of your 'bride tribe'.

Don't feel pressured

Some makeup artists like to do the hard sell. Its smart business sense, for them, but is it smart for you as a bride. My advice? If time permits, have a trial before you commit.

There are some months of the year that are crazy busy for weddings as they are popular. Waiting increases the risk the Makeup Artist you are looking at may get booked up super fast and you may miss out on having them. But on the other hand, imagine the stress if you have your trial a month before the wedding, then for whatever reason, you Makeup Artist is not the one for you. Then you find its too late to find someone else as they are all booked out. PANIC!

This is why a trial is a great way to find your perfect fit with out the stress. If you date is a popular one, ask you makeup artist to pencil you in but you would like to have a trial first. But in doing this, you need to book your trial now, not two months down the track. Your makeup artist might be happy to hold the date for a week or two with out a deposit, but you might be pushing the friendship if you are wanting it in three months time. Especially if its in peak wedding season.

Ask for a personalised quote

Always ask for a personalised formal quote. Not just a quick message in facebook or Instagram. A formal quote ensures you have all the details. What does your quote include? Is there travel costs to be considered? Have you covered everyone? Having everyone listed, from Bridesmaids to your Aunty that will be there with you on the day, means you wont miss anyone. Will lashes be included or do I need to pay extra for this. Your Makeup Artist may list additional extra options that you had not even thought about.

Consider your Budget

Every bride has a wedding budget but you also need to take into consideration that just because they are most expensive does not always automatically mean they are the best, or that my budget is small so I need to pick the cheapest Makeup Artist out there, then find they were nice and cheap for a reason. This is why it's important to consider the points mentioned earlier about their makeup style and how they make you feel when you initially chat to them and when you have your trail.

Oh and don't forget to read the fine print or terms of booking. Some artists have very extensive terms. You need to check you are aware of these before committing or they could cause unexpected damage to your budget.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

Your wedding day is all about you, so don't be afraid to ask questions. Things like, what products do you use, how do you make sure my makeup stays all day, do I need to tan my face if I am self tanning, should I be looking after my skin more....there are so many questions that will pop up. Don't be afraid to ask. Your Makeup Artist is your new best friend and trust me, they always love to talk about makeup and skin prep especially with their brides-to-be.

Happy planning!

Shellie xx

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