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Formal Prom Glam 2018

This year is flying by. I can't believe its December and another batch of year 12 students have finished their school journey. Having a son in year 10 this year it feels like it is coming even faster than ever!

So this post is sharing some of the looks I created for this years prom girls that I had the pleasure of glamming. If they have sent me photos by their photographer I have also added these and where I can I have mentioned the photographer (and added their website link when you click on the photo) that took the professional shoots. I apologise in advance if I am not mentioning the photographer if I don't know who it was. Feel free to let me know in the comments though if you know who it was so they get some recognition.

Photographer Nina Maree Photography

Photographer Nina Maree

2019 Bookings are now open. I'm looking forward to meeting you and creating your dream Formal look.

Michelle x

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