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How to create a flatlay in 7 easy steps

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Everyone loves a good flat lay. They are a great way to share a story through one little picture. Scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and there are gorgeous flat lay pictures everywhere. Bag spills, OOTD, office decor to die for, coffees and candles all stirring a feeling or vibe unique to everyone. Have you ever wondered how to create your own flat lay? or maybe wondered, does everyone but you live in these perfectly decorated white and marble homes? Or just wondered what really goes into creating a those perfect shots? I have been blogging for just over a year now, so wanted to share with you some behind the scene info on  how to create a flat lay in 7 steps.

Step 1 - Choose your spot and lighting

I have a few areas in my house that I use to take my photos. The time of day and style of photo I am wanting to take will help me decide where is going to be best. I take all of my photos in natural lighting so its important to be near windows. So when the morning sun is not beating in through my lounge window (usually after 10am is the best time) I pick this area for my flatlays.  I have the large window behind the lounge and then a sliding door opposite my kitchen bench. So there is lots of light to utilise. You also need to have your camera up high with a birds eye view. The higher up the better as you will fit more into the photo.

Step 2 - Grap some props/products

I usually have a few products in mind that I want to be the feature of my photo. So I gather them up, along with some extra's to use for layers and fillers that will help create a story or theme in the photo. For me, this stage its mainly makeup bits and pieces. As I put the photo together I decide on what else I need and go searching around my house.

Step 3 - Positioning your star products

I always start by setting down the main products, or the stars, of the photo. In this instance its eyeshadows. I am also wanting to incorporate the Megan Hess book so I have added that as well.

Step 4 - Add layers

Adding layers is important to help add interest, create a story and complete the photo. I love using makeup bags, books, diaries, jewellery, makeup brushes, and even my phone. The options are endless! You don't need to spend a fortune on extras, look around your house at what you already have. Oh and I always have a colour theme in mind. If my products have rose gold packaging or trims then I make sure my fillers are going to work with the rose gold. Otherwise the photo will look messy.

Step 5 - Add something to help reflect more light

I use white foam boards all the time. They are cheap and easily accessable and a great to create that white background for your photo. They are also great to help bounce light back into the picture if you don't have an actual reflector. Remember when you are positioning them, check back at your camera to see what effect it is having on the photo. Take a picture if necessary then reposition them till you have it how you like it. Its all trial and error but as they say, practice makes perfect.

Step 6 - Jump in the picture

I love being in the picture. It really helps create a feeling of reality, adds that extra bit of interest and helps complete the story you are creating. You don't have to have all of you in the photo, just a hand (or two) will do the trick. You will need either a helping hand to take the photo, or if you are on your own, a tripod and timer button are about to become your new best friends.

Step 7 - Edit the photo

Show me someone that doesn't edit their photos. Every now and then I might get a batch of photos with perfect lighting and they don't need any adjustments. But even then I will still tweek them slightly and if you are wanting a theme on your insta than a filter that you use on every photo works great. I talk about my favourite apps for editing on this blog post if you want more info about editing.

There you have it. An Instagram ready photo in 7 easy steps. I hope you enjoyed a little peak behind the scenes in my blogging world. Oh and please excuse the extra mess in some of my photos. I wasn't joking when I said I was giving you a little behind the scenes of my world..LOL.

Michelle xx

This post was originally published on my blog on 3rd February 2018

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